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Before one KM from Borra caves at Gatevalsa you will be stopped by Jeep drivers offering you a trip to Katiki waterfall. This waterfall is nearly 7 KM from this point. You need to change your vehicle as rugged Jeep is required to cover the narrow muddy road passing through Jungle and by the side of Gosthani river. Jeep will take you upto the railway track nearly 6 KM from Gatevalsa point and from here you have to trek half KM and climb up after crossing the railway track. Your Jeep driver will tell you to return within one and half hour from the dropping point. The last 15 minutes of the trek upto the base of the waterfall is stiff climbing. Steps are there upto the waterfall for safe climbing. You can take bath at the base of the waterfall. On your trekking rout to waterfall there will be temporary shops set up by the local tribes selling biscuits and most important is Bamboo chicken. Marinated chicken is backed by keeping them inside Bamboo trunks and offered to tourist. It is Chicken Kabab but prepared by using bamboo sticks and cooking is done by keeping them inside Bamboo tree trunks. Locally collected Honey is also available in bottles in these shops. Both way share Jeep trip cost is Rs 100 / - per head. The price may go upto Rs 120/- in busy seasons. Usually Jeep will take nearly 10 persons on share basis. If you are group of five or more, then one full Jeep you can use and bargain for Rs 550 or Rs 600 for the full trip. Bamboo Chicken near Katiki waterfall Never try to venture with your luxury car in this Jungle road as there are ditches and big boulders on the road. This trip to Katiki waterfall from the Jeep Point at Gatevalsa and return will take minimum 2 hours. This waterfall is not a big one in height and this is not big stream of water. The waterfall may go dry in summer months. So if you have enough time and ready to take last half KM trek ( with 15 minutes climbing ) then visit this waterfall. While coming from Visakhapatnam by train, before Borra cave railway station this waterfall will be at your left side and is visible before entering a tunnel. If you have enough time and energy then visit this waterfall, otherwise go straight to Borra caves.      Book Now

Tribal Museum

The Araku Tribal Museum is perhaps as famed as the place that houses it, the splendiferous Araku Valley. Started in February 1996, the museum unlike others is not historical, but instead showcases the orthodox lifestyle, along with the social, economical and cultural norms and customs of the native tribes of the region. The museum itself is built with mud and various metals that give it an authentic tribal feel and lend more credence to the artefacts that reside within. Aimed at preserving and displaying the dominant traits of original tribal culture, traditional handicrafts, and fine arts of ancient tribes, the display of beautiful artefacts, intricate ornaments and exquisite textiles of the tribes of Northern Andhra Pradesh is a sight to behold. Araku Tribal Museum is spread over two levels, the first one displaying some extremely rare artefacts belonging to the Eastern Ghats Tribal Culture. The museum has been designed to showcase tribal lifestyle in motion, starting with a kitchen that displays utensils made of iron and mud. The passages within the museum that connect the various sections are constructed of mud walls adorned with drawings and artwork made by tribals. Displayed further ahead are differences in house constructions that signify tribal hierarchy. Another section of Araku Tribal Museum showcases the local tribal dances of Mayur and Dhimsa, with their beautifully coloured mannequins dressed in vivacious clothing and accessories to match. The second level of the museum also houses a shop with number of artists from local tribes, setting up stalls to try and entice customers with their own skilful creations of tribal art. The museum also houses The Tribal Arts and Craft Centre, which is aimed at promoting and showcasing the hitherto unknown tribal art of the region. The Centre also provides convenient accommodation, with ten double rooms, public conveniences and a cafeteria.      Book Now


Padmapuram Botanical Gardens is a picturesque wonder located on Araku Road, replete with a many fascinating spots you would have come across in fairy tales! Ample greenery, a riot of colorful flowers, an exquisite rose garden, treetop huts, toy train and a nursery make up this dream destination tucked away in the midst of the Eastern Ghats. You can go to Padmapuram Botanical Gardens by planning a visit to the Araku Valley which is a throbbing tourist destination of repute with many interesting venues to satiate the curiosity of tourists. Nestling in the midst of Eastern Ghats, Araku valley is located around 12 km from Vishakapatnam (Vizag), where you will be enchanted by the beauty of the valley which is enriched with natures bounty such as forests and waterfalls; tunnels and bridges add to its beauty. Apart from being a repository of nature wealth of diverse flora, Padmapuram Botanical Gardens has historical significance too. You and your family will enjoy your time in this amazing garden. Padmapuram Botanical Gardens is a historic garden located on the Araku Road. Initially, the purpose of this garden was to provide vegetable supplies to the soldiers, who fought in the Second World War. Simply called the Botanical Garden now, it acts as a horticultural nursery and contains various rare types of flowers and trees. Another important highlight of Padmapuram Botanical Gardens is a toy train, which gives a tour of the garden to the visitors. Along with the toy train, the garden also contains tree top huts, which can be booked by the tourists. The garden also encompasses a rose garden. From the garden, varied species of plants can also be purchased.      Book Now


Katiki Waterfalls is named after Katiki, the place where it is located. The waterfall is about 50 ft high and lies around 4 km away from Borra Caves. Katiki Waterfalls originate from the Gosthani River and contains greenery and clear water in its vicinity. Considered as the most beautiful waterfalls of Araku Valley, the surroundings of this water fall is very popular for trekking activities. At the foot of the waterfall there is a pool formation. During the summer season, Katiki Waterfalls however remain dry.At a distance of 7 km from Borra Caves, 39 km from Araku, 90 km from Vizag & 665 km from Hyderabad, Katiki Waterfalls are magnificent waterfalls near Borra Caves in Andhra Pradesh. It is one of the best waterfalls in Araku and also among the famous Araku tourist places. The name of the falls is derived from the name of the village nearby. Katiki waterfall is formed by the Gosthani River and it cascading down from a height of 100+ feet. The pond at the bottom of the waterfall is an excellent place for taking a bath after a tough trek to the place. It has to be reached by 20-30 minutes trek (one way) through lush forest and upwards to mountain top from the nearest motor able road. Cooking and camping are also permitted at this place. This is also a good place for trekking. To reach Katiki falls from Araku, you have to take Borra Caves road at Mulyaguda junction between Araku and Visakhapatnam (around 30 km from Araku, after Anantagiri). Cross the Borra Caves railway crossing on the same road. Nearly 2 km from the railway crossing, you have to take left turn where the straight road takes to Borra Caves (caves are 2 km from here). After 300 meters on the same road, take a left turn and go for about 4-5 km. The road ends at the railway track near Tunnel #44. From here, you have to cross the railway track and go straight trekking the mountain. The falls are nearly 20-30 minutes trek from here and the path is narrow and slippery. There are jeeps available from Gatevalsa (7 km from Katiki). There is no public transport available to this place. Visitors are advised not to venture to the waterfall in their own car as the road is bumpy and not suitable for regular cars other than jeeps. There are no lodgings near the waterfall but there are small huts that sell marinated chicken in bamboo trunks. Jungle honey is also available near the waterfall.      Book Now

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