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Sree Veereswara Swamy Temple Muramulla

Sri Veerabhadra Swamy was born brightly to demolish DAKSHAYAGNA. After demolition of Dakshyagna with advice of Lord Maha Vishnu, he again a lived DAKSHA and the Dakshyagna was successfully completed. Even after completion of Yagna, Sri Veerabhadra Swamy could not leave his anger and so he was full in fire that was caused with the YOGA Sakthi of SATHI DEVI. To pacify Sri Veerabhadra Swamy, the saints and the devotees went to Vaikunta and requested Sri Maha Vishnu to pacify Veerabhadra Swamy. On their request Maha Vishnu went to Veerabhadra Swamy in the disguise of Narasimha to pacify Veerabhadra Swamy. But Sri Veerabhadra Swamy caught hold of Maha Vishnu tightly. Then Maha Vishnu who was in Narasimha disguise has gone to Brahma Loka and informed Lord Brahma Deva about Veerabhadra Swamy. 0 Then Thrimurtulu requested Adiparasakthi to pacify Veerabhadra Swamy who was in harsh stage. Then she has sent one of her KALA by name Bhadrakali (Out of 16 KALAs) on earth to pacify Veerabhadra Swamy but it was in vain. Then she was shrink in the nearby water tank and came out in the disguise of a young lady and went near Veerabhadra Swamy. After seeing her, Veerabhadra Swamy was pacified. Then they both got married in the way of GANDARVA VIVAHAM. All the Maha Munis have erected Ashramas called Muni Mandali which was turned in the name of MURAMALLA after many years. From then onwards, all the Maha Munis are performing Gandarva Vivaham to Lord Veerabhadra Swamy in the disguise of Nitya Kalyanam, Which is continuing till today. Accordingly, the devotees are performing marriages to their daughters. If the marriages to their daughters are delayed parents are performing marriages to Sri Veerabhadra Swamy so that the marriage of their daughter will be performed early. The Nitya Kalyanam of Sri Veerabhadra Swamy will be witnessed not only by the devotees but it is in vogue that Munis like Agastya, Sukudu, Viswamitra, Vasista, Gowtama, Bhargava, Vyasa, Bharadwaj, Marichidu, kasyapudu, Markendeyudu and Narada will also witness this Kalyanam.      Book Now


According to the KSHETRA PURANA of this place which was supposedly written here, Daksha Prajapathi was supposed to have performed puja of Lord Vinayaka at this place praying and asking for the successful completion of performing Daksha Yagna According to another legend, it is said that Vyasa Maharshi installed a Ganapathi idol here before starting his tour of South India, thus establishing the temple with magnificent gopurams and gateways. Built in a large, extended, and upraised area, this temple has two gopurams (towers) sculpted skillfully with tales and idols related to the deity present in the temple. One can access this temple from two sides i.e. from the south and from the east. One can approach from the south where it leads one to the shrine of the presiding deity Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Swamy and from the east one can approach Sri Vishveshwara Swamy. The presiding deity, Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Swamy has been installed in a unique way i.e. in the Southwest corner facing the South direction. It is believed that if one installs Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Swamy facing in the south direction, it brings wealth and prosperity. Apart from the shrine of the presiding deity Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Swamy, there are also other shrines which have been installed and are situated in this temple premises. There is a shrine of Annapurna Devi along with Sri Vishveshwara Swamy which faces east. To the right side of this shrine is the shrine of Sri Keshava Swamy along with his consort Sri Bhoo Devi. To the left side of Annapurna Devi along with Sri Vishveshwara Swamy shrine, there is a shrine of Sri Annapurna Devi which faces south. In the northeast corner of the temple, there is a shrine of Sri Kala Bhairava Swamy which faces east, and is the Kshetra Palaka.      Book Now


In jambu dweepa(India), there are innumerable holy shrines and places. Appanapalli is one among them. It has an ancient mythological origin. Appanapalli is situated in East Godavari District, Andhra pradesh. Appanapalli a remote village in Mamidikudhuru Mandal, East Godavari District, situated on the holy banks of river vynateya has attained reparation as Bala Tirupathi of costal districts being the abode of lord bala balaji, surrounded by River Godavary on three sides and the bay of bengal on fourth side flanked by wide spread paddy fields, coconut gardens, palatinate, mango and jack trees. konaseema appears as part of heaven came down to earth. An interesting story clings to this place (sthalapurana) kasyapaprajapathi had two wives. The first one was kadruva. all her progeny were serpents. Second wife was Vinata. vinata had a son "Vynateya". Because of mysterious reasons Vynateya had eaten up all the serpents one in a day. When a king named jeemutha vahana tried to rescue a serpant named sankachududu. he lost his life at this place. jeemuthavahana sacrifice his life for a holy cause. Hence in commemoration of his sacrifice, this place started being called as Arphanaphali(Arphana means sacrifice, phali means result). During course of time arphanaphali changed as Appanapalli. Kasyapa prajapathi on the request of jeemuthavahana was convinced to direct vynateya to divert one channel holy river Godavari flow through Appanapalli. This was to sanctify the dead serpents and to liberate their souls to reach heavenly abode. Mean while Vakulamatha the mother of Lord Venkateswara had a longing to see her son as child. Garuthmantha had also requested the lord to make river Vynatheya pious.      Book Now

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