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Steeped in mythology and deep in fervor, the Anantpur district is a pilgrim centre where thousands of restless folks flock to satiate their grievances and their curiosity and beliefs of these temples. There are legends and true stories as to how the temples were built. The royal families who ruled that part of the country patronized these temples. There is always something about the divinity that attracts people from far away shores also. It is not only about pious learning but also the temple architecture which is considered impossible as there were no mechanization, but then how did the people lift great rocks and stones uphill. Major villages in Anantapur have temples that are ancient and built by the formidable dynasties in the past. One such temple is the Aluru Sriranganathaswamy Temple .This location is 359 kms. from Hyderabad, where there is an airport and 63 kms. from Anantpur via Tadpatri by road. This temple site is located in a scenic place atop a hill in Aloor village, 5 kms. from Tadpatri. There is an entry arch on the road that leads to the temple. At the top, there is a sculpture of reclining Vishnu on the Sesha Nag and by his feet are Sree Devi and Bhoodevi. The sanctum sanctorum is reached by climbing steps and on the top of the entrance, there are figurines of Gods and Goddesses and others. The entrance leads to a spacious place where a Dhwajastambham proudly stands with a beli peetam or sacrificial stone. Beyond that is yet another smaller Dhwajastambham in granite. The main entrance to the sanctum sanctorum is beyond all these were the Lord Sri Ranganathaswamy reclines majestically on the Shesha Nag. The deity has flower garlands placed and beside the feet are Shree Devi and Bhoo Devi. The structure is supported by huge granite support columns with floral paintings.      Book Now


The village Hemavathy has the unique honour of having four famous Sivaalayas built and patronised by Pallavas, and the sculptural adornments made by Nolamba artists of great fame. Among the four Siddheswara, Virupaksheswara, Malleswara and Doddeswara Aalayams, the last one is very famous and enshrines a six-foot-high Sivalinga. The walls are adorned with masterly sculptured images, narrating many episodes from the epics. Lord Siva reveals in his yoga posture in the Siddheswara Aalayam. All are visit worthy and were built in the eighth century. It lies 35 Km off Madakasira of Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh enjoying bus and train facilities.A dam across the Hemavati was completed in 1979, above Gorur in Hassan district, and downstream from the Yagachi confluence. The dam is 58 meters in height, and 4692 meters long, impounding a reservoir of 8502 hectares      Book Now


The Ravadurg Gooty Fort is one of the oldest hill forts of Andhra Pradesh. The fort structure replicates a shell. The fort is full of inscribed walls, pillars and doors. Its earliest inscription dates back to the 7th century. The fort inscriptions call this fort Gooty Fort is one of the oldest hill forts of Andhra Pradesh. Built in the shape of a shell, this fort comprises 15 forts with 15 main doors, which are referred to as Mukhadwaralu. Inside the fortress, there is a series of walls connected by 14 gateways and flanked by bastions. The fort also features two edifices, one of which is a gymnasium, while other is a powder magazine. On the edge of the cliff, there is a pavilion of polished limestone called Morari Raos seat. The earliest inscriptions on the walls of this fort date back to the 7th century. One of the inscriptions calls this fort Gadha, while the other refers to it as the King of Forts. Mir Jumla conquered the fort; however, it was soon taken over by Haider Ali in 1773. Later, the British captured the fort from Zeruwar Khan, a Brahmin who became a Muslim.      Book Now


Tadipatri is Located at a distance of 90kms, from Ananthapur. Other beautiful place to visit in Anantpur district is Tadipatri. This is one of the popular tourist hub in Anantpur district. This town is famous for having two most famous temple named One is the Shri Chintala Venkata Ramana Swamy Temple and the second is Shri Bugga Rama Lingeswara Swamy Temple. It is said these two temples was constructed by to brothers in a single day. The architecture of these two temples are mind-blowing and depicts fine quality of engineering. These temple are built in Vijaynagar style of architecture. The calm and serene environments all-around of these place attracts thousands of tourists each year from different part of India. Apart from it Tadipatri is also known for its marvelous granite industries. Granite mining and polishing are popular occupations. There are about 350 granite factories in this place. When you are in Anantpur district then you should visit this place.      Book Now

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