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Jog Falls

Jog Falls is created by the Sharavathi River dropping 253 m (830 ft), making it the second-highest plunge waterfall in India after the Nohkalikai Falls with a drop of 335 m (1100 ft) in Meghalaya. Sharavathi, a river which rises at Ambutirtha, next to Nonabur, in the Thirthahalli taluk and takes the northwesterly course by Fatte petta, receives the Haridravati on the right below Pattaguppe and the Yenne Hole on the left above Barangi. On arriving at the frontier it bends to the west, precipitates itself down the Falls of Gersoppa, and passes that village (properly Geru-Sappe), which is some 29 kilometers (18 mi) distant, discharging into the sea at Honnavar in North Kanara. The Sharavati, flowing over a very rocky bed about 250 yards (230 m) wide, here reaches a tremendous chasm, 290 m (960 ft) deep, and the water comes down in four distinct falls. The Raja Fall pours in one unbroken column sheer to the depth of 830 ft (250 m). Halfway down it is encountered by the Roarer, another fall, which precipitates itself into a vast cup and then rushes violently downwards at an angle of forty-five degrees to meet the Raja. A third fall, the Rocket, shoots downwards in a series of jets; while the fourth, the Rani, moves quietly over the mountain side in a sheet of foam. The Tourism Department has built steps from the viewpoint to the bottom of the hill where the waterfall can be seen at the opposite side. There are approximately 1400 steps built to reach the bottom of the hill.       Book Now

Kodachadri Hill station

Kodachadri seems to have attracted the attention of humankind since early prehistory.[citation needed] Several monolithic structures or menhirs were built here in prehistoric times. Rocks with dimensions greater than 12 feet were used in their construction. These large structure can be found just 20 Kilometers outside of Nagara-Nilsakal.[citation needed] A temple dedicated to the Ancient Mother Goddess Mookambika is located near the top of the peak. The temple is a popular destination for Hindu pilgrims and it is said to stand where thousands of years ago Mookambika fought and killed the demon Mookasura. In Historic times, people used to trek from Nagara state, a nearby place and Europeans trekked to the peak during 19th Century. Lewin Bentham Bowring, who served as Commissioner of Mysore between 1862 and 1870, records that Kodachadri is "clothed with splendid forests, and the ascent is very steep indeed in one place near foot....The view from the top of the hill, which has a bluff appearance from the distance, though it is as sharp as a knife in reality, is very fine, commanding a long stretch of great Ghat range, a considerable portion of Canara (Kanara), and a vide view over Malnad". He further records that, Kodachadri is visible from Merti Peak near Sringeri. Kodachadri hills seen from the top of the mountain near to Inspector bungalow Kodachadri is visited by locals and Keralites in large numbers since long time. Sage Adi Shankara is said to have visited this place, meditated here and he also established a temple at Kollur. A small temple called Sarvajnapeetha, built with stone is dedicated to Adi Shankara at the top of Kodachadri. Some of the pilgrims from South Indian states who visit Kollur take a trek to Kodachadri also. Dr. K. Shivarama Karantha, noted writer of Udupi District trekked to Kodachadri in 1940s and appreciated the natural beauty of this place by placing Kodachadri as most beautiful of three mountain peaks of coastal Karnataka.      Book Now

Tiger and Lion safari

The Tyavarekoppa Lion and Tiger Reserve is a popular wildlife destination of Karnataka. It is located at a distance of about 10 km from Shimoga (also known as Shivamogga) on the Shimoga-Sagar Road. The reserve is spread across 200 hectares of land. Tyavarekoppa Lion and Tiger Reserve is a place to rehabilitate the lions and tigers that are rescued from circuses across India. It is an open zoo where safaris are conducted for tourists by the forest department. The wildlife safari was started in the year 1998.The Tyavarekoppa Lion and Tiger Reserve, one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in Karnataka, is home to various species of wild animals. Visitors can catch glimpses of lions, tigers, leopards, sloth bear, deer and many other species of animals. One can watch a variety of rare migratory birds inside the reserve. The main attraction of the Tyavarekoppa Lion and Tiger Reserve are the wild animals that can be seen roaming inside the reserve. The place also has a small zoo and a well-maintained children park where the kids can have a nice time. The forest department organizes regular recreation and sightseeing outings for visitors. The jeep safari of the reserve is very popular among visitors.      Book Now

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