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Diglipur Beach

Diglipur Tehsil or Division is one of the most visited tourist destination in the Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Island due to its super natural sandy beaches and endless variety of evergreen forest including lots of exotic Birds. It is around 180 km away from Port Blair placed in the district of North and Middle Andaman. It covers an area of 884 sq km. The main town of the Tehsil, Diglipur Town serves as the administrative headquarter of North Andaman Sub-Division. There have 42 distinct villages and 13 Gram Panchayats in Diglipur. Some major of these are Subashgram, Keralapuram, Ariel Bay, Shibpur, Kalipur, Sitanagar, Nabagram, Kalighat, Ramnagar, Madhupur, Laxmipur, Swarajgram etc. The people of these villages survive with the business of tourism (mainly), farming or fishing. The population of Diglipore primarily emigrated from the neighboring states like West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. According to the census report of India 2001 approximately 42,877 people reside here.      Book Now

Diglipur National Park

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Port Blair is a newly built park that is located near Wandoor beach, Port Blair. It is a man made park with models of flora and fauna of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and these models are kept under specific climatic conditions that are maintained in the park. Last month when I visited Wandoor beach, I also went to see Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, which is located near Wandoor in Port Blair. It is also a marine interpretation centre and gives quite a lot of information on Andaman s marine life. The best thing is that we got to spot this crocodile there. This is a salt water crocodile which was lying there in shallow water. Isn't this great. The national park is unique in itself. As you enter the interpretation centre, you hear the sounds of sea waves around which actually gives the sense of real ocean life in the small centre. The models which I think are wax models are kept at a fixed temperature and in certain fixed climatic conditions inside the glass cases to maintain their original state. I enjoyed my visit to this park. It is not something great but it is definitely unique and one of its own kinds, at least in Andamans. I just wish it was a little bigger and wider. Currently it feels a bit narrowed and too small and tight to be called a national park.      Book Now

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