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Banana Ride

The six person people mover caters for all ages, ideal for whole family enjoyment 30 minutes on the banana is must do entertainment you have to be gentle or hang on tight for the ride of your life. Banana boat rides are safe and monitored by an experienced and professional staff. You will get supply life jackets that comfortably fit kids as well. The Banana shaped boats consist of a Tube. During the ride, the driver of the powered boat attempts to flip the banana boat upside down by doing sharp turns. Undersea walk is an opportunity for non-divers to discover the magic of the underwater world in Andaman Islands. Sea walking is simple, quick and easy. There is absolutely no experience needed, no complicated equipment to handle and you walk on the smooth and clean sand of the sea floor. It is perfectly safe. No water on your face (you can wear glasses or contacts), your makeup stays on and your hair stays dry. A large full face window in the Sea Walker helmet offers a close up view of the beautiful underwater world, see beautiful corals and play with colorful fishes. The action begins with a motor boat taking us to the designated spot at the North Bay Island, which is roughly 20 minutes away from Port Blair by ferry. The cool waters gently slapping the face of warm, sunny morning while we      Book Now

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