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Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple is located in Buchirajupalem area of Visakhapatnam. This temple was built before 200 years or so. Presiding god of this temple is Sri Venugopala Swamy an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This temple is 15 km away from Visakhapatnam.Several poojas like Archana, Abhishekham will be conducted at this temple along with the festivals like Vaikunta Ekadasi with a great enthusiasm. Sarva Darshan: 06:00 A.M to 08:00 P.M. The Venugopalaswami temple of Hamsala Deevi where an eight day long sacred ceremony is performed, attracts the attention of all those who step into this scenic landscape of Andhra Pradesh state. Being Presided by the deity Venugopalaswami, the temple is believed to have been built in the ruling times of Chola dynasty which was involved with many such similar religious architectural achievements. The Venugopalaswamy Temple, dedicated to a form of the Hindu god Vishnu is located inside the Devanahalli Fort in the town of Devanahalli (also called Devanapura). It is a town in the Bangalore Rural district, Karnataka state, India and is located 35 kilometers (25 mi) to the north-east of Bangalore, the state capital. The Venugopalaswamy temple is constructed in the Dravidian style and belongs to the post Vijayanagara empire period. The temple is a protected monument under the Karnataka state division of the Archaeological Survey of India.      Book Now

Kali Matha Temple

Bhadrakali Temple at Hanamkonda is significant Devi temple located on the hilltop between the twin cities of Hanamkonda and Warangal in Andhra Pradesh. The temple is held in high esteem by devotees of the of Goddess Bhadrakali popularly called the Grant Mother Goddess. Remarkable feature of the temple is the square shaped stone image of the Goddess (2.7 X 2.7 meters). In the image goddess is seen in a sitting posture with fierce looking eyes and face. The Goddess can also be seen wearing a crown and having eight hands holding various weapons. High point of Bhadrakali Temple is an artificial lake of 2 kmís radius in the vicinity of the temple. Number of natural rock formations in the surroundings add to the spiritual charm of the temple and are the most dominant feature of the temple. Some of the unique shaped rocks are said to carry immense spiritual powers. The structure of the temple is said to be 250 years old. Though the image of the deity is called the Bhadrakali, the goddess is said to have been transformed by the mantras into a very rare form called the Tripura Sundari, which includes the Kali form. Tripura Sundari is regarded as the supreme manifestation of Prakriti - the feminine power which is the vital energy of the universe.       Book Now


About the Temple Trikoteshwara Swamy Temple is nestled in Kotappakonda village of Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh. The main deity Lord Shiva is worshipped here as Shri Trikoteshwara Swamy. The height of three peaked KotappaKonda hill is 1587 feet and the temple is constructed at the height of 600 feet. These three peaks represent Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Mahesh. Here, Lord Shiva is established in the form of shiva lingam. A steep flight of 750 steps leads to the temple. A number of lakes, ponds can be seen on the hill and in front of the temple. History of the Temple The original name of this place is Kondakavuru, but now it is popularly known as Kotappakonda or Trikutaparvatam. This temple came into existence even before 1172 AD. It is believed that Zamindars of Narsaraopet, Amaravathi, Chilakuripet and several others collectively donated large acres of lands for the maintenance and development of this temple. The uniqueness of this temple is that only three peaks can be seen from all the direction and hence it is also known as Trikoota hills. These three peaks are known as Brahma Shikharam, Rudra Shikharam, and Vishnu Shikharam. Brahma Shikharam is the main temple which is located on this hill. The Paata Kotayya temple is located at Rudra Shikharam. This is the original place where Trikoteshwara Swamy existed. Pleased by the devotion of Gollabhama, Lord relocated to Brahma Shikharam. Since then it is known as Paata Kotayya temple. Lord Papanaseshwara Temple is located on Vishnu Shikharam. Here, the Lord Vishnu did penance to please Lord Shiva. The temple has a holy pond which is known as Papanasa Teertha.      Book Now

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