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Gokak Falls

Water from Ghataprabha River takes a long leap to give birth to Gokak falls. The water coming from this river is separated from Malaprabha River by hills. Gokak waterfall appears to be a mini Niagara Falls because of similarity in general characteristics of water in these falls like its shape, height and speed. The significance of this place, other than this beautiful waterfall, lies in an old electricity generation station. It is here that the electricity was first produced in India in 1887. There is also a hanging bridge over the river at a height of about 14 meters. It is 201 meters long bridge on which only 30 people are allowed at a time. The unique feature of this waterfall is the horseshoe shape of the cliff from which the water falls. The waterfall gets its name Gokak because of the abundance of Goki trees in this area. Gokak is surrounded on one side by a range of hills, and on the other side by a vast plain of black soil. Belgaum The river Ghataprabha flows from the north side of the city and cascades down through a cleft of 167 ft, to form Gokak Falls before flowing through the town. Since the colonial era, the hydroelectric station under the waterfall has been used to power Gokak Mills, one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of yarn in India. The river Markandeya, a tributary of the Ghataprabha, dashes down through 43 ft step wise hill plates to form Goduchinamalaki Falls. Gokak is a place of philosophical and historical significance. It was founded in 1853. There was a dispute and a battle as well in between Rani Abbakka and Gokak Kotawals who ruled the town in the 16th century. A fort which is in ruins can still be seen at the western side of the city.      Book Now

Military Mahadeva Temple

Military Mahadev Temple is located in Belgaum, Karnataka. The temple and the park around it have become a popular destinations for locals as well as visitors. Known as one of the oldest temples here, Military Mahadev Temple was renovated recently. A new dome has been built and carvings, similar to those in other south Indian temples have been added as well. Devoted to Lord Shiva it is being managed by the military people. It has a huge garden and a park for kids to play. It also comprises a mini zoo housing animals such as deer, emus, peacocks and ducks among others The temple houses idols of Lord Shiva, Sri Ganesh and Sri Hanuman. One of the oldest temple located in the Military Cantonment area of Belgaum Temple is maintained by the Military With green trees and cool breeze the place is serene and joyful. Popular event on every Monday and Mahashivratri : Samuhik Panchamrut or collective offering of the Panchamrut Devoted to Lord Shiva it is being managed by the military people. It has a huge garden and a park for kids to play. It also comprises a mini zoo housing animals such as deer’s, emus, peacocks and ducks among others.      Book Now

Shri Hari Mandir

On the grounds of the Sandipani Vidyaniketan, stands the monumental and breathtaking structure of the Shri Hari Mandir. Measuring 105 ft, held up by 66 pillars, capped by beautifully carved domes, it is the hallmark of Sandipani. The temple is incomparable in its exquisitely designed architecture and aesthetic precision. While the structure is a visual delight, the deities residing within are the personification of Pujya Bhaishri faith and ardent devotion. In accordance with Pujya Bhaishri vision the Mandir has been built to provide Rishikul students practical training in performing rituals and for the mandir to become an epicentre of culture and spirituality. The Shri Hari Mandir was completed in 2006 and a grand event, Sandipani Mandir Mahotsav, marked the opening of the Mandir.      Book Now

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