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Chandramouleshwara Temple

Chandramouleshwar Temple is very near Unkal circle and Unkal Lake. Unkal is an area in the Hubli-Dharwad municipality in Karnataka. It is on old Pune to Bangalore highway NH4, about 3 km north of Hubli city centre..The prized architectural monument in Hubli-Dharwad, the Chandramouleshwara temple is a 900 year old temple built during the reign of the Chalukyas. The temple is dedicated to Chandramouleshwara, another name for the Hindu deity Shiva. The temple is carved and sculpted straight out of black granite and displays a marvelous architectural prowess of the Chalukya era artisans. This 900 year old Chalukyan structure is modeled on the monuments found in Aihole, Badami and Pattadakal, the ancient cradles of South Indian Temple Architecture. This temple is dedicated to Chandramouleshwara, another name for Lord Shiva. It houses two Shiva Lingas. One Shiva Linga is enclosed in a shrine which has four entrances in four directions. This is the main shrine of Chandramouleshwara. The other shrine is known as Chaturmukha Lings, the four faced lings. Pujas are still performed everyday in the temple. The temple has pillars built of black granite. The walls and pillars are well decorated with sculptures. The figure of Dancing Ganesha is captivating. The temple walls, pillars and pilasters are covered in lovely carvings. This temple is a fine example of Chalukyan temple architecture.      Book Now

Banashankari Temple

Banashankari Temple in Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka has the main deity, Banashankari Amma brought from Badami, Bagalkot District and installed in a temple in the busy Kanakapura Road. Founded by Somanna Shetty in 1915, today the temple is under the management and control of the Endowment Department, Government of Karnataka. Goddess Banashankari is said to be the incarnation of Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva. Banashankari Devi Temple or Banashankari temple is a Hindu shrine located at Cholachagudd near Badami, in Bagalkot district, Karnataka, India. He Banashankari Temple was built in the 13th century by the Chalukyas. Once again the temple is a marvelous example of the Chalukya period art and stone sculpting prowess. It is a stone carved masterpiece and is dedicated to the Hindu deity Shiva. The temple pillars are marvelously carved out of granite and are currently undergoing restoration. The temple attracts devotees from Karnataka as well as the neighboring state of Maharashtra. The original temple was built by the 7th century Kalyani Chalukya kings, who worshipped goddess Banashankari as their tutelary deity. The temple celebrates its annual festival called Banashankari jatre, in the months of January or February. The festival comprises cultural programmers, boat festival as well as a Rath yatra, when the temple goddess is paraded around the city in a chariot.      Book Now

Unkal Lake

Unkal lake is beautiful water spot in Hubli & is about 110 years old. This lake is spread across 200 acres of land. Centre of the lake is situated the statue of Swami Vivekananda which is the prime attraction of the lake. It has recreational facilities for children. You can enjoy a boat ride here. The Unkal lake , however, is large enough to accommodate all visitors as well as the hawkers. Hotel Naveen,the star attraction in Hubli is just beside this spot. It is the source of drinking water to a portion of Hubli.      Book Now

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