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Rabindranath Tagore Beach

This is one of the main beaches in Karwar. The beach is very well maintained and quite clean. There are no sudden depths in the water making it easier to wade or swim in. We went there in April and the same was not very crowded. The sand is quite clean and there are not many shells and stones on the beach, making it a very nice place to just sit around and chill. However, note that there are a lot of wild dogs on the beach. While they tend to mind their own business at most times, it always better to be a little wary of them. Unlike Goa, there are no shacks on the beach. However, the town centre is very close to the same and hence, if you want to step out for some food and other necessities, it is quite easy and accessible. In the evening, there are a lot of carts offering chaats and drinks near the beach. It is quite pleasant to sit on the beach in the evening breeze and spend time while it becomes dark. The skies are generally clear and you can see the stars clearly unlike how it is in Bangalore. Keep a lot of sunscreen with you in the morning, even as you get into the water. Avoid carrying a lot of valuables on the beach as there are no lockers around. You may have to leave them in the open whilst as you get into the water.      Book Now

Devbagh Beach

Devbagh is a stop for the quintessential beach lover. Sun, sand, surf, sea and endless open space, Devbagh is the next best thing to having a beach all to yourself. Between building sandcastles, combing the shore for seashells, endless beach volleyball games, snorkelling and relaxing and letting the sea wash all your worries away, Devbagh opens a world of serenity and discovery: where you can be one with the elements. For the rest, thereís snorkelling, speed boat cruises, bananaboat rides and para-sailing. When was the last time you wandered and just let time do the same? At Devbagh you must. The nearby fishing village is a delight, with its fishermen coming in with their fresh catch and the flurry of fisherfolk sorting the bounty. Thereís only one thing more exciting that watching a catamaran coming in, and thatís going out to sea on it. If you arenít content to just watch the fishermen casting off their nets, you can try your hand at angling by taking a two-man dugout with a fisherman for company. The trawlers at the fishing harbour, heavy and full from their catch are hard to miss. Or you can retrace Tagores course and make a pilgrimage of sorts out of it. Cruise up the River Kali from the point where the river meets the sea and youll be rewarded by the sight of frolicking dolphins. The nearby mangrove thickets are a good opportunity for bird sightings. The islands of Kumaragarh, Oyster-rock, Anjudeep and Sanyasi that lie off the Karwar coast are steeped in myth, surprise and magic.      Book Now

Durga Bhavani Temple

Durga Temple is situated in Sadashivgad hill fort of Karwar. Predating the fort, this temple has an vital history. It is believed that Raja Shiv Chatrapati, who discovered this temple, gave rights of worship here to the local Bhandari population.This temple was installed by Shivaji for the local bhandari population. It is located inside the Sadashivgad hill fort, atop a hill.      Book Now

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