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Cave Temple

The first ruler of the Early Chalukya dynasty, Pulakesi I established a new capital for his kingdom sometime around 540 AD. This city was located at the mouth of steep ravine and initially was named Vatapi. Nowadays it is known as Badami. Great kingdom needed outstanding sanctuaries. Badami Chalukyas built Badami Cave Temples some of the most exquisite Indian rock-cut temples. The water flowing from the ravine in Badami is gathered in an ancient artificial lake Agastya tirtha reservoir. High above the water there are towering cliffs of comparatively soft sandstone. Royal shrines were made in these cliffs with grand view opening over the former capital city. The four cave temples of Badami were built by the son of Pulakesi I Kirthivarman (ruled in 567 to 598 AD) and his brother Mangalesha I (ruled in 598 to 610 AD). One cave is devoted to Shiva, to Vishnu. Fourth cave is Jain temple. Thus Chalukyas, just like several other successful dynasties of Ancient India, demonstrated religious tolerance. Although in many respects these structures repeat the architecture of similar Indian cave temples created before, there is noticeable also a development of distinct style in architecture and art Chalukyan style. Art of Badami shows influence both of South Indian styles (Dravidian style) and northern influences (Indo-Aryan Nagara style).      Book Now

Agastya Lake

At a distance of 1 Kmís from Badami Bus Station, The Agastya Lake (Tirtha) is a huge lake located beneath the cave temples. Constructed in 5th century, the lake is considered holy due to the healing powers of its water. The eastern banks of the Agasthya Lake are dotted with Bhoothanatha temples while the caves temples are located on South West part and the fort on North West end. According to puranas, The Pushkarini was a pleasure tank of God in Vaikunta, and is a beloved of Lakshmidevi and Bhoodevi. The Pushkarini was brought and set here by Garuda, the vehicle of Lord Vishnu. A bath in it is believed to destroy all sins. The lake is usually crowded by the village residents for washing cloths and bath. The quality of water is okay but not a good place to swim. The surroundings of the lake provide great views of the hills surrounded by the historical monuments. The Bhoothanatha temple which is emerged into the lake is a beautiful sight with a backdrop of large hillock.      Book Now

Badami Fort

Badami Fort is a renowned archaeological site in Badami. It is located on top of a hill that stands at a distance of about 2 km from the main town of Badami in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka. The origin of the fort dates back to 543 AD. The ancient fort was built by the Chalukyan King Pulakeshi. The Badami Fort is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Badami.      Book Now

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