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The city is located along the beautiful Ariyankuppam River and is believed to be the only city with an archaeological record of Roman presence in India. Having started out as a fishing village, Arikamedu soon became a unique bead-making site as it manufactured beads made of both stone and glass. Various textiles, beads, terracotta artifacts and gold and semi precious jewelers were exported to Greco Roman ports and other countries in the East from Arikamedu. Arikamedus glass bead making site was considered as mother of all bead centers in the world. Wines in amphora jars, cups and plates of Terra Sigillata (fine red Roman clay pots) and other various ceramic products were imported by Tamil while products like beads, terracotta objects, glass, gems, plants, spices were exported. Terra Sibilate tableware have been found only in two places outside of Roman Empire, one of them being Arikamedu, which is one of the things that marks the existence of trade between the two regions.      Book Now

Government museum

This multipurpose museum houses sculpture from Pallava, Chola and Vijaynagara temples. There are Budhha images from Pondicherry/Kirmampakkam and bronzes from the Chola, Vijaynagara and Nayaka periods, arms and weapons. The displayed terracota figures, shards of Arretine and Roulettes ware, amphorae, burial urns, glass beads have been excavated from the surrounding historic environment. Also on view are French period furniture, mirrors, lamps, paintings, porcelain, crockery and cutlery. There is a printing press dated 1820, old journals and books which were published at Pondicherry as well as weapons like guns, swords, spears, lances and cannons. The Pondicherry museum housing some of the superb collections of sculpture is located in the Bharathi Park. This museum has an excellent gallery with sculptures and has the remains of archaeological findings from the Arikamedu Roman settlement. One can go through the history and legendary French colonial details in the section of the museum. There is also a very good collection of snail shells brought from the Pondicherry region. Bronze sculptures of god and goddess, a wide gathering of temple lamps, handicrafts and art are also here. Some specimens of Chola and Pallava art from Pondicherry and Karaikal are displayed in the sculpture gallery. The painting section includes Tanjore and glass paintings, colonial prints and contemporary oils, pastles and water colors.      Book Now

French War Memorial

The French War Memorial (Monument aux combatantís des Indus franchises mortís pour la patria) on Goubert Avenue is a solemn reminder of those brave soldiers who laid down their lives, for their country during the First World War. It was erected in 1937 and inaugurated on April 3, 1938 by the governor Crocicchia. Behind the memorial is a bronze bas-relief representing the arrival of Dupleix in Pondicherry in 1742. Every year on the 14th July (Bastille Day) the memorial is beautifully illuminated and homage is paid to those brave martyrs. The quaint victory monument - French War Memorial is located in White Town, Pondicherry. This elegant structure was built in the year 1971 to commemorate the martyrs of the First World War. This memorial is beautifully illuminated to pay homage to those valiant soldiers on 14th July every year - the occasion of Bastille Day (French National Day). People from the city and beyond visit the memorial to offer respect and veneration. The significance and elegance of the French War Memorial has drawn the attention of filmmakers. One Two Three (2008), a Bollywood multi-starrer film, captures the landmark in some of the scenes.      Book Now

Ariyankuppam Church

After the French coming to Pondicherry in1673, Armenians under the leadership of Bishop ADDA SIMON had built at Ariancoupam a church by name, Our Lady of Conception in1690. This church was given to the Jesuits of the Carnatic Mission around 1700. This church under the new name of Our Lady of Health became a pilgrim centre and the pilgrimage was very popular among the people of Pondicherry for the last 270 years. This church is situated in Ariyankuppam which is around 4 km from the south of Pondicherry. The church was founded in 1690 later it was rebuilt for several times. This church has been rounded with arches which used to carry out a vault above the central aisle. These things were made inside the church and there is a freestanding crucifix which is presented upon the altar. The walls of the side were brightly painted with the wooden images and they were set upon the shelves. With these imposing architectures, there are several smaller churches found behind them as well as the shrines of Pondicherry have numerous devout followers like St. Anthony, Saint John Church and so on. Our lady of Good Health church has been in found in and around the earth. The feast day was celebrated in September 8 under the name of Nativity of Mary. This celebration begins from august 29 as well as it ends up on September 8. During the festival time the church seems to be rush during Christmas, Easter and New Year. Though, the church will not be much grand but it is one of the tourist attractions as well as realistic with its charisma. When people cannot appear in the church they can watch Anboli TV which will telecast all the masses taking place on our lady of good Health church. The mass timings were on Sunday 7.30 am, Saturday 6 am and 5.30 pm, in week days 6 am and in Thursday 5.30 pm.      Book Now

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