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Bhairavakona is situated in the Nallamala hills. The 200-metre high water falls is a delight to watch. Nature in its vibrant form is seen here and you are sure to be enthralled by the beauty of the place. You can find eight temples in this hill and these ancient temples were constructed during the 7th and 8th centuries. The region has rare herbs used to address various medical conditions. Another specialty of the place is that on the day of Karthika Purnima, moonlight falls of goddess Parvathi idol at the temple. Ongole has various temples and you will be overwhelmed by the style of architecture displayed in the temples. The picturesque landscape is feast to tired minds and the ancient temples are a delight to inquisitive minds who seek to explore the past. Overall, tourist places in Ongole gives you a different experience altogether to make your stay memorable. Bhairavakona is a holy place situated on the heart of Nallamala Hills in the Prakasam district district of the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh. This place is home to an ancient Shiva temple. There is waterfall which falls from a height of 200 metres and there are eight temples carved in the hill there. An interesting feature that attracts devotees to Bhairavakona is that the moonlight falls on the idol of goddess Parvati at a temple there on Kartik Poornima day.      Book Now


Ongole is a predominantly old town whose existence dates back to somewhere around 230 BCE. It came under the rule of Kakatiya, Palla rulers and Krishna Deva Raya and subsequently came under the hands of the British. This ancient town is quite rich in heritage and one can find its evidence especially in temples prevalent in modern day Ongole. The ancient temples here are indeed delight to curious minds who want to enrich themselves with Indias past and the architectural skills of the time. Chennakesava Swamy temple is one such holy abode dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The idol of Vishnu along with his consort, Goddess Lashmi is worshipped by Pilgrim tourists and locals alike. Its overall structure is a magnificent collection of sculpted gopurams and mandapams built with tall gigantic pillars and marked by intricate artworks that speaks of artistic expertise of the times.      Book Now


The clean sands and clear water of the Kothapatnam beach is perfect for a relaxing evening. The serenity and the flowing calmness of the sea waters with the sounds of the wave leaves you mesmerized to bring an unforgettable experience. The beach lines the coast of Bay of Bengal and runs along several kilometres. The beach is popular for picnic and serves as a recreational spot. The long stretch of sand encourages walks but the sun setting view on the beach is something to look for. The place has fresh wind blowing and the sun setting creates a pictorial image in front of the eyes. The beach is an absolute untouched stretch of golden sand and people who have an obsession for unspoilt nature can get your tents and get going. The beach is named after Kothapatnam Village. While the village itself is about 2 km inside the coastal line, the name usually includes the coastal Kattumaram fishing village of Pallipalem. Closer proximity to the city Ongole brings many opportunities to the residing villagers. In times gone by, Ongole was a seaport and therefore, a centre of cultural and business exchange. This was in the pre-Christian era when Ongole had a primary role in trade with Southeast Asian countries. Kothapatnam Beach is one amongst the top attractions in Ongole. Located 18 km from the city, the beach is a great source of entertainment for local people and tourists. The clear blue waters of the sea, the long stretches of sand and the gentle breeze mesmerize you. Boating is available here. But for the Karthika Purnima festival, when locals throng in thousands, the beach is less frequented. Hence, it is a great place to unwind on your tour to this part of the world.      Book Now


The temple dedicated to Sri Shirdi Sai Baba was established in the year 1989 by Sri Telledevulapalli Satyanarayana Siddanthi. It is situated 46 kms away from Ongole. The idol of Shirdi Sai Baba is around 9ft by 9ft. This is considered a holy shrine and frequented by many devotees. Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir in Ongole was established on 17th Aug 1989 by Sri Telledevulapalli Satyanarayana Siddanthi. He also installed the idol of Sri Sai Baba on the same day. The idol, along with the mandapam, is approximately 9 ft x 9 ft. The temple is spread over in an area of around 140 ft x 40 ft. The temple houses a Dhuni, which is located in the Agneyam corner of the mandir. Located at a distance of 46 Kms from the city, Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir is a very popular holy destination in the region of Ongole. The temple was founded by Sri Telledevulapalli Satyanarayana Siddanthi on 17th Aug 1989. He had also established the statue of Sri Sai Baba. The temple conducts a Dhuni which lies in the Agneyam corner of the temple. Sai Baba temple was inaugurated on a Sravana Pournami in 1990 (Full moon day in the month of Sravana August). 3ft. tall statue of Sri Sai Baba was installed on the same day by Sri Telidevulapalli Satyanarayana Sidhanthi. Temple is built on approximately 60ft. X 36ft. area and is constructed on a very spacious location. Along with the statue of Sri Sai Baba, temple premise has dhuni, statue of Lord Dattatreya, Gurusthan and Satsang Manadapam (hall).      Book Now


Yet another beach in Ongole to lift your spirits and get you closer to nature. The beach is scenic to look at with coconut trees lining up on one side. The golden sands and the clear seawater make the place heavenly. Vodarevu beach offers adventurous water sports. You could go swimming or try your hand at fishing. Boating facilities are available as well. A charging and scenic beach , it is a popular weekend getway for those needing a respite from city-life , to escape to the golden sands and sparkling waters. Yet another interseting beach is Ramapauram located 6 Kms from Vodarevu Beach. Vodarevu Beach is located around 7 KMS from Chirala in Prakasam District. The beautiful beach lift your spirits and get you closer to the nature. The beach is more scenic to look at coconut trees line up in the shore. Distance from Ongole to Vodarevu Beach is around 64KM. Distance from Chirala to Vodarevu Beach is around 9KM.Vodarevu Beach is located about 6 km from Chirala on the west coast of Bay of Bengal. It is situated in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradeshaandt a distance of 6 km from the Ramapuram Beach of the same district. Coconut trees line the shore      Book Now

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